Managing and Monitoring Replications on Remote Servers

To monitor or manage replications remotely (for example, if you have Syniti Replicateinstalled on several systems and want to manage the installations from a single location), it is possible to:

If you choose to manage replications remotely, there are a few issues to consider:

  • When you install Syniti Replicateto be run from a remote Management Center, the metadata connection has to be accessible from the remote system and point to a unique server name identifiable in the local network. Local-only connection strings such as those that might be used with Microsoft SQL Server CE or Microsoft Access do not work  unless remote access is specifically established (for example, if pointing to a local database file, make sure that the file is shared and accessible from the remote machine).

  • Each Management Center component installed remotely connects to one (or more) server agent(s) to retrieve authorization/security information and metadata information for the server. The Management Center application will be able to monitor and partially modify remote Syniti Replicateconfigurations. When the Management Center is used for the local system, additional permissions are available, such as the ability to modify server security and server configuration settings, set the default metadata, add or remove metadata, change license, and so on.

  • User control over local and remote installations of the server depends on the established user ID and permissions. In a default Syniti Replicateinstallation, there are no user restrictions. Users can be defined in the User Settings dialog, available in the Metadata Explorer.