Syniti Replicate Cheat Sheet

Here is a list of the most important changes to names in DBMoto/Syniti Data Replication/Syniti Replicate.As of v10, the product name is Syniti Replicate.

Location DBMoto Name Syniti DR Name
Program/Component Data Replicator/DBReplicator Replication Agent
Management Center menu Data Replicator Options Replication Agent Options
Service name DBMoto Data Replicator Service Syniti Replication Agent (SynitiDR_ReplicationAgent)
Service name DBMoto Verifier Scheduler Service Syniti Verifiier Scheduler (SynitiDR_Verifier)
Service name DBMoto Server Agent Syniti Server Agent (SynitiDR_ServerAgent)
Log Server Agent services DBMoto_LSA_xxx Syniti_LSA_xxx