What's New in Syniti Replicate 10.3

Here are highlights of the significant changes in 10.3.

General/Common Updates

  • Updated to MongoDB.Driver version 2.18.0 to remove a high severity vulnerability.

  • Added prefix property to CSV file for target replications to customize log column's names.

  • Improved the Azure SQL Database catalog settings, which could only browse the catalog defined in the connection string.

  • Added a property to customize the target file name in the FILE type target.

  • Introduced a new Collection Group type to help configuration.

Management Center

  • Set the Open Table menu item as disabled for SAP Data Load.

  • Removed the 'Use Local Help' option from the Management Center.

  • Changed the copyright on the Setup splash screen.

  • Changed the replication context menu label from Run Initial Refresh to Run Refresh.

  • Aligned Postgres connection string config file to the latest version of the driver (SSLMode updated values).

  • Allowed the user to switch replication(s) from Synchronization to Refresh and back without losing settings.

  • Removed SQL Compact Edition from installation package since it's deprecated. Now, you must use SQL Server Express or any other major database for metadata import.

Log Handler

Fixed invalid column name 'MetadataID' when fetching Agent logs on database.

Replication Agent

  • Fixed escape characters for CSV files in special cases that were not formatted properly.

  • Fixed an issue in synchronization where target changes were missing on the other side of the replication.

  • Fixed Parquet serialization where Syniti Replicate stored a wrong value for the DATETIME field for the .Mir files.

  • Fixed a SQL Server error where replications didn't mirror numeric IDENTITY columns using LogReader or LSA.

  • Fixed a System.FormatException error caused by an input string that was not in a correct format when mirroring from IBM Db2 UDB.

  • Fixed an issue with Parquet files when Transactional Info is set to None.

  • Fixed a conversion issue replicating from a SQL Server geometry type.

  • Fixed error handling introduced for SAP RFC Data.

  • Fixed an error in DatalakeGen2 where Syniti Replicate didn't report any errors if the target folder name on ADSL didn't have write permissions.

  • Enabled Syniti Replicate to allow using an SNC-enabled connection to SAP.


  • Fixed an issue on upgrade from a previous version of Syniti Replicate that forced installs of a new version to the default folder.

  • Handled upgrade to 10.3 when SQL Server CE is still used to store metadata.

Server Agent

Added extra check to see if the http service is listening and/or if the GET health check is working, if not, Syniti Replicate stops and restarts the http service.