What's New in Release 9.8.2

Here are highlights of the significant changes you will find in Syniti Data Replication 9.8.2.

  • [ALL] Removed vulnerability caused by Avro.dll (v. 1.10.2) and Newtonsoft.Json.dll (v. 10.0.3), by upgrading their version.

  • [ALL] Allow multiple triggers to be defined on same tables using different master tables.

  • [ALL] Fixed bug in Replication Agent, null reference exception when adding a replication to a group.

  • [All] Fixed an error when executing Verify Replication of a table in which the "time without time zone" data type exists on PostgresSQL

  • [ALL] Connection to Azure SQL Server was saved to use SqlServer database and not SQLAzure.

  • [All] Added Parquet support for Azure Data Lake.

  • [All] Added tracking info ("created_by", "created_at", "modified_by", "modified_at") to connections, replications, groups, schedulers, alerts, and objects.

  • [MC] Fixed error when running Custom Restore on metadata that contained partition refresh items.