Installing Syniti Replicate

Syniti Replicate is distributed as a setup file and must be installed on a Microsoft Windows system that meets the configuration requirements. It can be installed as a standard installation (entire Syniti Replicate environment including Management Center, Replication Agent and Server Agent) or as a client (Management Center only for managing replications remotely.) You can choose to install Syniti Replicate on the system running the source database, or the system running the target database, or an independent system that has network access to the source and target database systems. Check Recommendations for Installation Locations for recommendations.

In addition to installing the Syniti Replicate files, you need to:

Follow the steps below to install and set up Syniti Replicate server.

  1. Install a local database or get ready a connection string for a remote database to be used as Metadata.

  1. Check that the system where you are installing the server meets the Syniti Replicate requirements

  2. Make sure that you have aSyniti Replicate 10.x license key file available.

  3. Run the setup.

  4. When you reach the Setup Type screen, click the Standard Installation option.

  5. In the Customer Information and Setup Options screen, click Import, then supply the path name to the license file that you received via email.

  6. If you want to install the Replication Agent as a Windows service, check the option, but note that the service does not start automatically by default.
    The advantage of installing the Replication Agent as a service is that you can set it to run automatically when your server starts up again after failing.  Without the Replication Agent service, you will need to run the Replication Agent manually each time your system restarts.
    In addition to installation of Syniti Replicate files, the setup program:

    • Creates an entry under Syniti Replicate V 10 on the Start menu on the Windows desktop.

    • Starts the Server Agent

    • Adds the local server (the system on which you installed Syniti Replicate) to the Management Center list of servers.

    • Places the Service Monitor program in the Windows Notification area (System Tray.) You can use this program to start the Replication Agent service after creating metadata tables in the Management Center.

  1. On your Windows desktop, start the Management Center in one of the following ways:

    • On your Windows desktop, double-click the Management Center icon.

    • In the Windows Notification area (System Tray), right click Syniti Replicate Service Monitor and choose Management Center from the right mouse button menu.

  1. In the Management Center, you can: