Upgrading to the Latest Version of Syniti Data Replication

If you have DBMoto V8 or V9 installed, the upgrade process involves running a new setup and applying a new license key. For earlier versions of DBMoto, contact our technical support team via the Help Center.

  1. Download the latest Syniti DR version as directed by the support staff.

  2. Make sure that you obtain your new license key (if needed) before starting the installation process. Contact your account manager if you encounter issues with your license key.

    NOTE: Before upgrading to Syniti Data Replication or later from any earlier version, take the following steps

    • Stop the Replication Agent/Data Replicator of the current version of Syniti DR (DBMoto).
    • Open the Management Center and select the metadata node.
    • Back up the metadata.
      Metadata backup is not only important to keep a copy of the current metadata settings: it also commits any pending changes that are waiting to be saved in the metadata database that may be lost when a product upgrade is performed.
    • Close the Management Center.
    • Stop the Server Agent.
  3. Run the setup.exe.

  4. If you are installing Syniti DR over an existing installation of DBMoto or Syniti DR, a dialog is displayed with the following text.
    An older version of Syniti Data Replication has been detected on this computer. Click YES to Upgrade to the latest version.

  5. Click Yes to proceed with the installation. Click No to exit the installation.

  6. If you are installing V9.5 or above over V9.0, and you have set up replications using the Log Server Agent, you will see a dialog notifying you that services are running. Log Server Agent services are typically named with the prefix DBMoto_LSA_.

  7. Click OK to stop the services.
    IMPORTANT: The services created for the Log Server Agent are not started automatically following installation of Syniti DR 9.6. You must start these services manually.

  8. There are two installation options:
    Standard Installation
    : Installs Management Center, Server Agent and Replication Agent
    Management Center Only
    : Installs only the Management Center component, used for managing and monitoring remote installations of Syniti DR.
    Select the Standard Installation option.

  9. If a dialog like the following is displayed, check the option to Run a metadata backup before upgrading, unless you have already made an up-to-date backup of your metadata.

  10. Click Yes to continue with installation.

  11. Enter the pathname to your Syniti DR license file when requested.

  12. Complete the installation.

  13. You are now ready to run the Management Center and explore features in the new release.

  14. If you were using Log Server Agent services in DBMoto V9, go to the Windows Task Manager Services tab to restart the services that were created during Log Server Agent setup.

  15. If you are using IBM Db2 for i as one of your source connections, you may also see a dialog about updating the DBMOTOLIB. Take the following steps after installation is complete.

  • Start the Management Center, then view the Connection Properties for your IBM Db2 for i connection.

  • In the Transactional Setup field, right click and choose Manage... from the menu.