Adding a Syniti DR Server to the Management Center

When you first install Syniti DRServer, the Management Center already has a connection to the local server, the system where you are running the Management Center and the Replication Agent. However, you can view and manage multiple Syniti DR installations from the Management Center, as long as you have a user profile which allows you to access remote Syniti DR servers. The user profile must be established on the remote servers before you attempt to connect from the Management Center.

In the Management Center Metadata Explorer:

  1. Select the root entry Syniti DR.

  2. From the right mouse button menu, choose Add New Server...

  3. In the Add New Server dialog, type the server name.

  4. In the Server Address field, type the IP address for the server.

  5. In the Port field, set the port number for Syniti DR to use in contacting the server.

  6. Choose the Authentication type from the drop-down list.
    The authentication type, login and password must match a user profile already established on the server to which you are trying to connect.
    NOTE: If you set up a user ID with UserName Authentication, or Certificate Authentication, you will not be able to use Syniti DR until the certificate is correctly installed. Generate and install the certificate before setting up authentication.

  7. Choose the protocol.
    Choose TCP/IP for intranet communication with a Syniti DR client, or HTTP for Internet communication with a client. For more information, check Server Client Security Options.

  8. Enter login and password information if needed (active for UserName and Windows Authentication only).

  9. Click OK to add the server to the Metadata Explorer

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